Why Virtual Workload Portability Matters

Why Virtual Workload Portability Matters

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Why Virtual Workload Portability Matters

Public Cloud offers cheap compute and is well suited to easily consumed web services, the downside is the cost of data in and out of a public Cloud for the majority of consumers is Internet-based or at the very least the demarcation of data for security purposes is confined to a Virtual Private Network.

So even though the Public Cloud from a compute perspective is cheap, the hidden costs of data ingress and egress as well as the hidden costs of network IO can be very high when used for an organisation wide deployment. Also the nature of a Public Cloud does not allow the customer to “own” the operating system, whilst this may seem to be a trivial detail it fundamentally restricts the effectiveness of portability of the customer resources and forces a high cost of migration or only a application based migration when the Public Cloud is no longer suitable either financially or functionally for the organisation, which completely defeats the purpose of virtualisation.57785718

Lucidity IT is working with clients that this particular scenario is being experienced; it is providing substantial cost and loss of productivity/flexibility for these organisations. It also severely hampers the availability for replicated storage or Virtual machines between co-located datacentres, so if the organisation requires a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and/or a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy, the Public Cloud ultimately is not the most cost effective or elegant solution in the long term.

Private Cloud has the benefit of a controlled environment like an on premise solution but with the cost effective nature of a public cloud. Private Clouds offer the ability for a customer to bring in a Private link from their own IP/WAN-MAN into the customer segment easily as the offering is geared towards it. This offers a number of benefits for the customer, firstly there will be no data charges for data going in or out of the data centre to other sites on the IP/WAN-MAN, thus fixed cost on Data usage for the organisation.

Secondly with access to the operating systems the customer can request access to the lower levels of the infrastructure to enable replicated data-centres, self-service portals, custom image builds, Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a service. These prove to very cost effective and offer true elasticity of services, grow the compute platform as required and shrink it when no longer needed. The associated costs and maturity of Private Cloud’s in the last 24 months has become not only affordable but also incredibly cost effective.

Hybrid Cloud offers the benefits of a private cloud with the flexibility of moving workloads between on premise and cloud. The majority of Hybrid or Public cloud providers however will only allow one way migration of workloads from on premise to the hybrid cloud provider, VMware vCloud based datacentres are the notable exception to this rule. Hence the deliberate key partnership with “Digital Sense” as a true enterprise Cloud Provider. Digital Sense offers fixed cost for compute, built in DR and Backup’s, short term contracts, and a full VMware based Software Defined DataCentre ChargeBack model.

In order to realise agility within a business, the consideration for portability should be the top priority….

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