Riverbed – Tsunami through a Straw

Riverbed – Tsunami through a Straw

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Riverbed –¬†Tsunami through a Straw

When finishing up the Riverbed Steelhead Deployment, my CIO Gavin Tomlins¬†coined the phrase “Tsunami through a straw” and well it kind of stuck….. This was a wildly successful project and one that enabled us to meet a very low Recovery Point Objective from a DR perspective. (15 minutes). I cannot recommend the Riverbed Products highly enough, they have made our lack lustre WAN link’s usable. We are currently pushing 12-14 TB over an 100 Mbit Fibre Link per week and we are averaging about a 33.6% Link utilisation.

WAN Optimisation

I suppose one of the most startling aspects of the technology is what out LAN infrastructure deems the 100 Mbit link as.

LAN Optimisation

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