Officially VMware Certified!

Officially VMware Certified!

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Hello All

After quite a bit of study and gnashing of teeth, I received my  VMware VCP5 Certification Today.

I must say it’s quite satisfying, on completion of the exam, I spent some time going through various forums across the internet to see how other professionals found the exam. It turns out I was not alone, it’s quite a difficult one, many questions focused on VMware Storage Appliance and VMware Data Recovery, (both of which I would not in good conscience use in any enterprise situation).

I fail to see the relevance of the amount of questions regarding these topics, considering the type of content was not covered in any real detail in the course, and if you are actually using VMware in an Enterprise environment you would not be touching them anyway. I suppose in order to pass the exam all facets of the technology should be explored.

This I suppose relates to another post I made in regard to the quantity of hours required to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge of products and potential  solutions in perspective.

I would average per week at least 20 hours of my time doing personal R&D, whether in a home lab, or researching on the internet.

This I believe helps me to no end within my Role during working hours or even just fine tuning personal process. I am at the stage that I think that is almost required to invest this type of time if you intend on forming a long-term career in IT.

I would love to hear feedback from other people on the quantity of time they spend outside of hours.

Open for discussion.


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  1. Certified… Finally got the time away from pressing works needed to get this done YAY!!

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