The Fall of Pride within IT

The Fall of Pride within IT

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The Fall of Pride within IT

There was a saying my father always said to me as a child when I was helping him in his workshop. He used to say, “Make sure your job fits the customer or the need, there is no point doing too good of a job.” “What was too good of a job? I thought, and why wouldn’t you make sure that the job you did was the best you could do?” As I am now older it’s all too apparent what he meant, don’t waste your time and expertise if it goes against commercial reality.Fall Of Pride in IT Lance Knight

This however is still a bitter pill to swallow. If I got up in the morning and thought to myself that I will go to work and do a mediocre job, to be honest I think I would stay in bed. That as an IT Professional is what motivates and drives me everyday, to do the best I can everyday, its my validation as a professional, as though I’m in a constant state of learning. I simply couldn’t imagine being in a place where I wasn’t trying to make “that” difference. Having said all that, a startling amount of IT professionals that I encounter somehow do not share my mindset. It’s a cause of most frustration and confusion for me, IT is a job of passion, it has to be.

We do long hours, we have to be constantly learning new technologies, we have to do immense amounts of study, we typically deal with people who have less than ideal planning strategies, we are quite commonly put in situations that the only reason we are there is because something has gone very wrong. In order to push through with the task at hand and conquer the problem, there simply has to be an element of passion attached.

Which brings me to the purpose of the post. I believe that whilst the commercial realities of business across most sectors, can “tolerate” for the most part an element of  “she’ll be right” (pardon the colloquial term). The reality is if you are really serious about being an IT professional, you must engage your role with passion for a job well done, the pride of being happy to put your name to it. “Death to mediocrity bring on excellence!” should be the catch cry.

I remember looking back in awe at the old boys in the industry when I was cutting my teeth, these guys were consummate professionals, well versed and trained in their craft. Knowledge and experience was the currency.

The ability to learn quickly and consistently irrespective of their age, with the right balance of ego and humility was the source of much respect. It’s a very sad state of affairs where this type of passion for an industry is now the exception and not the rule. I believe that Pride in your role in the result of a deep-seated passion to make “that” difference.

Do you have the passion to make “that” difference? An excellent read for people to understand the workings of an IT Professional The Unspoken Truth about managing Geeks


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  1. Excellent read.

    In my opinion, the current generation suffer too much from the Google syndrome and chop and change with their careers.

    Its a generalist statement, but gone are the days where professionals would take the time to learn frameworks and the underlying infrastructure or architecture.

    The quick dollar, ability to change jobs lead to a ‘now’ culture, instead of a ‘lasting’ culture.

    Pride seems to be amiss from the current IT generation coming through.

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